By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Today

NDP Pushes to Reinstate and Raise Federal Minimum Wage

If passed, wage would apply to 820,000 Canadians and 'fight against inequalities,' labour critic says.


Gus Van Harten

Breaking Down the Harm to Canada Done by Treaty with China

Here is the warning against FIPA an expert gave Harper two years ago.

By Gus Van Harten, Today


New BC Premier Christy Clark

Clark-loyal Ad Agency Designed Gov't Campaign Against Teachers' Union

Kimbo founder boasts long association with premier.

By Bob Mackin, Today



Harper's Sneaky, Undemocratic, Terrible Deal with China

Why the sudden ratification of FIPA is sparking startled outrage across Canada.

By Scott Harris, Today

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Here Comes Another Corporatized Climate Summit

UN meeting again corroded by big business influence. Is it time to change tactics?

By Nick Fillmore, Today



Mulroney Knocks Harper? Oh This Is Rich!

And ruminations on the federal election we must soon endure.

By Rafe Mair, Today


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Tyee Poll: Why Do You Think Harper Waited So Long to Sign the Canada-China Investment Treaty?

Why do you think Harper waited two years to ratify the deal after it was first signed by China?




Harper Gov't 'Conceded to China' under Pressure: Treaty Expert

FIPA 'is the price China demanded to open its purse strings for investing in the resource sector in Canada.'

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 13 Sep 2014


Suitcase scales

Why Richest Alberta Wins Most from Federal Transfer Payments

Richard Starr's book maps startling provincial inequities in public services, taxation.

By Karen Foster, 13 Sep 2014



Aiming for A-List? Time to Get Shameless

One self-promoting author reminds us of the thin line between crazy and crazy genius.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Sep 2014


FIPA signing

Harper OKs Controversial Investment Treaty with China

Opponents long argued FIPA will hand resource control to Chinese companies.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 12 Sep 2014


Drug and alcohol counsellor Heather Charlton
A Tyee Series

Vancouver's Drug Prevention 'Pillar': How Strong Does It Stand?

What's being done to keep young people from slipping into addiction? Second in a series.

By Gordon Katic and Sam Fenn, 12 Sep 2014


CCPA economist Iglika Ivanova

When Government Says Teacher Wage Demands Are 'Unaffordable,' Are They?

Not at all, says economist Iglika Ivanova, especially compared to GDP growth projections.

By Andrew MacLeod, 12 Sep 2014


The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia

How Greens in One German State Threaten Euro-Canada Trade Deal

Resistance to CETA sprouts over investor rights vs. government power.

By Andrea Rexer, 12 Sep 2014


North Korean refugees

Canada Slammed Door Shut to North Korean Escapees

Acceptance rate drops to zero with fate of North Koreans in Canada unknown.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 11 Sep 2014


Britannia Secondary

Teachers Vote to End Strike If Government Agrees to Arbitration

Once again, minister rejects proposal.

By Katie Hyslop, 11 Sep 2014


BC Fed president Jim Sinclair

Labour Hands Teachers $8-Million 'Solidarity' Loan

BC Fed brokers interest-free cash for union, while ministry wants to get back to bargaining.

By David P. Ball, 11 Sep 2014


Sepideh Sarrapour

Clark Gov't 'Quick Wins' Scandal: Key Witness Speaks

BC Liberal caucus ethnic outreach worker says she was unwitting tool of party's illegal strategy.

By Bob Mackin, 11 Sep 2014


U2 with Apple CEO

U2 Takes Another Bite from the Apple

Brand synergy aside, how's 'Songs of Innocence'?

By Gregory Adams, 11 Sep 2014


Up close BC Ferry

Ferry Fare Hikes Killed $2.3 Billion in Economic Activity: Report

Skyrocketing prices also reduced gov't revenues over past decade, consultant finds.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Sep 2014


Site C Dam panel

Site C Review Process Lacked Independence, Says Northern Mayor

Plans to submerge 10,000 hectares of fertile Peace River land continue to spark outrage.

By David P. Ball, 10 Sep 2014



Ebola Outbreak: Lessons from the Hot Zone

Globalization, deforestation, explosive growth, bats. This terrible epidemic has many technicians.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 10 Sep 2014


Teachers rallying

Why Teachers Fear the Worst of Clark Government

Signs mount that union busting, privatized schooling are true agenda.

By Tom Kertes, 10 Sep 2014



BC's Finances Not Healthy Enough to Settle the Strike: Minister

Delivering budget update, Mike de Jong doesn't rule out legislating teachers back to work.

By Andrew MacLeod, 9 Sep 2014


Peter Fassbender and Christy Clark flip pancakes

'Bootstrapper' Bias May Blind Clark's Team to Teachers' Case

The two cultures of BC education politics, explained.

By Crawford Kilian, 9 Sep 2014


Clark and Fassbender

Why Binding Arbitration Would End the Strike

And why the BC Liberal government so quickly thumbed its nose.

By Bill Tieleman, 9 Sep 2014


Education Minister Peter Fassbender

Government Rejects Teacher Arbitration, Again

Education minister calls proposal a 'ploy,' says only mediation will work.

By Katie Hyslop, 9 Sep 2014


TV remote

Future of TV Hearings: 'No Such Thing as Too Much Choice'

It all starts with streaming hockey games online.

By Michael Geist, 9 Sep 2014



Teachers to Vote on Ending Strike for Arbitration

Union hopes gov't will change course and accept its proposal.

By Katie Hyslop, 8 Sep 2014


Brian Bonney

Two Liberal Strategists Charged over 'Quick Wins'

Taxpayer paid positions allegedly used to promote Liberal efforts to win 2013 election.

By Bob Mackin, 8 Sep 2014

Harper Gov't 'Conceded to China' under Pressure: Treaty Expert

FIPA 'is the price China demanded to open its purse strings for investing in the resource sector in Canada.'

By Jeremy J. Nuttall


Why did Harper wait two years to ratify the Canada-China investment treaty?

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