The 'Jobs or Environment' Choice Is 'False' Says Mega-Union



The question divides progressive voters. In Canada's 2015 election, can Unifor unite them? Read more »

By Geoff Dembicki, Today



What We Forgot on Remembrance Day

Where is the democracy our brave soldiers fought and died for?

By Rafe Mair, Today



A Tyee Kinder Morgan Reader

With strife on Burnaby Mountain rising, a sampler of a decade's reporting on the US pipeline giant.

By David P. Ball, Today



On Burnaby Mountain, Confronting the Gorilla

Why I rose before dawn to join protesters against Kinder Morgan's proudly heavy 'footprint'.

By John Vaillant, 22 Nov 2014

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Tyee Poll: Who Is to Blame for Rising Tensions on Burnaby Mountain?

With Nov. 15 fast-approaching, what are your biggest concerns?




How to Catch a Liar

The truth is in the details -- but you have to listen hard.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Nov 2014



BC Oil and Gas Tax Breaks Top $1 Billion. How Much Profit Flows Back? Unknown

Government lacks revenue figures, so we sought out potential comparisons.

By Dene Moore, 22 Nov 2014



VIDEO: You Gotta Love Kelp

Four reasons to respect this precious 'carbon dumper,' courtesy of the Hakai Institute.

By Hakai Institute, 21 Nov 2014


Kirk LaPointe, election night 2014

LaPointe Blames Loss on Vision's Negative Blitz and Media 'Animus'

Writing in Maclean's, ex-editor says biased former employees a factor in defeat.

By David Beers, 21 Nov 2014


John Horgan

Health Ministry Firings Review Under Fire

Opposition says probe 'designed to protect the premier.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Nov 2014


Irene Lanzinger and Amber Hockin

Who Will Become BC's Next Labour Leader?

Next week, two candidates vie to make provincial history in the race to replace Jim Sinclair.

By Tom Sandborn, 21 Nov 2014


Vancouver comedian Graham Clark

Vancouver on the Verge of a Comedy Coup

With a 'nobody's going to get famous' attitude, BC comics get noticed.

By Sarah Berman, 21 Nov 2014


Health Ministry emails

Former Official Fears Blame for Health Ministry Firings

Emails and letters shared with The Tyee by ex-deputy minister detail concerns.

By Andrew MacLeod, 20 Nov 2014



In Era of Cuts, a Little CBC Nostalgia

The damage is hard to assess if we can't remember what an extraordinary public broadcaster it once was.

By Crawford Kilian, 20 Nov 2014


BC Liquor Store

BC's Public Liquor Stores Loosen up a Little

New rules permitting longer hours (and colder beer) could affect prices, government warns.

By Andrew MacLeod, 20 Nov 2014


Mount Polley tailings dam spill

An Engineer's Idea to Prevent Future Mount Polleys

Jack Caldwell says peer review process, convened by firms during a mine's life, could avert disaster.

By David P. Ball, 20 Nov 2014


CIC draft media request policy

Curse of Alternative Media: 'All Requests Are Not Equal'

Thanks to access to information, a glimpse inside the federal spin doctor machine.

By Sean Holman, 19 Nov 2014



A 'People-Centred' New Mayor for Victoria

Lisa Helps' narrow win marks generational shift in local politics.

By Andrew MacLeod, 19 Nov 2014


Adopted kids

One Thousand BC Kids Still Waiting for Homes

Small improvements to adoption program, watchdog finds, but waitlist isn't diminishing.

By Katie Hyslop, 19 Nov 2014



CONTEST: Write a Holiday Card to Your Favourite Local Business and Win!

Prizes include a $500 Vancity gift Visa, Whistler getaway, two nights in Tofino, and much more.

19 Nov 2014


Lee Loftus

Tumbler Ridge Residents Fear for Town's Future

'It's not nice' in region that brought in foreign workers.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 18 Nov 2014


Vancouver mayoral candidates Kirk LaPointe (NPA), Gregor Robertson (Vision), Meena Wong (COPE)

Vancouver Progressives: Divided, They Fell Short

Centre-left risked disaster, lost school and park boards with split votes.

By Bill Tieleman, 18 Nov 2014



The End of Online Anonymity?

Ontario police and Conservative senator support mandatory identification reforms.

By Michael Geist, 18 Nov 2014


Meena Wong poster

'COPE Exceeded All Expectations'

It didn't split progressive votes because Vision is no longer truly progressive.

By Tristan Markle, 18 Nov 2014


Rental Housing Index
A Tyee Series

Novel Map Targets Hidden Opportunities for Affordable Housing

Launched today, new Rental Housing Index hopes to transform knowledge into power.

By David P. Ball, 17 Nov 2014



Trans Mountain Pipeline: Big Bucks for US Investors, Peanuts for Us

Thanks to clever US owner, firm pays minimal taxes here, sometimes none.

By Robyn Allan, 17 Nov 2014



LaPointe Loses Bid for Mayor, But NPA Makes Inroads

Supporters buoyed by gains on council, park and school board.

By Katie Hyslop, 17 Nov 2014


Gregor Robertson vows

Re-elected Mayor Robertson Vows 'We Can Do Better'

Vision Vancouver retains control of council, loses parks and school board. Tyee reports from the ground.

By Doug Ward, Katie Hyslop and Geoff Dembicki, 15 Nov 2014



By Worshiping Silicon Valley, Do We Condone Inequality?

BC writer embedded at Ray Kurzweil's Singularity Summit raises question in his new 'nonvella.'

By Geoff Dembicki, 15 Nov 2014


Alberta landowner Jessica Ernst

Alberta Landowner Appeals Constitutional Issue in Fracking Case

Jessica Ernst aims to challenge regulator immunity in Canada's highest court.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 15 Nov 2014

Vancouver on the Verge of a Comedy Coup

With a 'nobody's going to get famous' attitude, BC comics get noticed.

By Sarah Berman


Who is to blame for rising tensions on Burnaby Mountain?

  • Kinder Morgan
  • The Canadian court system
  • Burnaby RCMP
  • The federal government
  • Anti-pipeline protesters
  • Eco-terrorist radicals
  • Other

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