The Enemy Is Neglect of Mental Illness



The Ottawa shooter hardly fits the mould of sleeper cell terrorist. Read more »

By Mitchell Anderson, Today


Oil prices diving

Andrew Nikiforuk Breaks Down the Global Oil Price Slump

What's causing it. What it means. Why it's political dynamite.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday



Hold On to Your Turtlenecks, It's 'Whiplash'

This jazz thriller rocked the house at Vancouver's film fest and hits theatres this weekend.

By Dorothy Woodend, Today


Word cloud

Ottawa Shooting: News as Immediate, Messy, Public Process

Social media has changed how we know and respond to events.

By Alfred Hermida, Today

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A Tyee Series

Time to Stop Freaking Out over Fat Kids?

Thin isn't the same as healthy, warns an academic and an eating disorder survivor. Part of a series.

By Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


Richard Florida

Creative but Poor? Yep, the 'Creative Class' Has Its Class Divide

'Creatives' are thriving, Richard Florida tells Tyee, but it depends on how you define creative.

By Geoff Dembicki, Yesterday


Roland Paris

Canada Needs to Watch Gov't in Wake of Attacks: Security Expert

Killings in Ottawa and Quebec could be used as an excuse to monitor peaceful Canadians.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 23 Oct 2014


Roy McMurter and daughters

Child Support Clawback Prevents Dad from Helping His Kids

'I feel like I'm not allowed to be a contributor to my own family,' Roy McMurter says.

By Andrew MacLeod, 23 Oct 2014


Flag attack

Don't Overreact, Don't Degrade Our Democracy

We can't let this week's attacks turn Canada into a garrison state.

By Crawford Kilian, 23 Oct 2014


Cold kid

Delta District's Energy Saving Plan Quashed by Frosty Feelings

Parents, teachers upset over proposed 'cozy day' temperature drop.

By Katie Hyslop, 23 Oct 2014


BC ferry

Gov't Still Open to Slots on Ferries Despite Dozens of Obstacles

'I thought it had been ruled out,' says NDP critic of proposal.

By Andrew MacLeod, 23 Oct 2014


Scott Walker and Sun O))))

Scott Walker Gets Soused with Sunn O)))

And a beating would apparently do us good.

By Gregory Adams, 23 Oct 2014


Hill shootings

Did Foreign Policy Play a Role in Ottawa Attack?

Tyee sought reaction from various commenters on today's deadly shootings.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Oct 2014



Soldier Shot on Parliament Hill, Multiple Shooters May Be Involved

Gunfire heard in Centre Block, one gunman dead.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Oct 2014



Danger Adrift: Fed Panel Warned of Simushir Scenario in 2013

Under cross-exam, shipping safety expert admitted flaws in data backing Enbridge case for Northern Gateway.

By David P. Ball, 22 Oct 2014



Pattern of Charity Audit Bias 'Disturbing' Says Free Speech Advocate

New Broadbent study shows Ottawa acting like Chinese gov't, says Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Oct 2014



Waging an Underdog Campaign? Take Saturday's Master Class

HST giant slayer Bill Tieleman teaches his secrets. A few seats left.

By David Beers, 22 Oct 2014


Finance Minister Mike de Jong

BC Halves Projected LNG Revenue

Finance minister says lower tax rate necessary because 'the market's changed.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Oct 2014


Minister Margaret MacDiarmid

Emails Shed Light on Origins of Health Ministry Probe, Firings

Gov't lawyer raised alarms about legality of contracts, locked horns with superior.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Oct 2014


Babe Ruth with his daughter

The Day Babe Ruth Played in Vancouver's Rain

'If these people can take the weather, so can we,' Ruth told his all-stars. 'We're gonna give 'em a ball game.'

By Tom Hawthorn, 21 Oct 2014


Industry Minister James Moore

Feds Back off Patent Reform, Thanks to Corporate Opposition

Plan to fight innovation-stifling 'patent trolls' chilled after private consultation with companies.

By Michael Geist, 21 Oct 2014


2014 protests in Hong Kong

Desperate for Deals, Political Leaders Quiet on Hong Kong

Aiming to amp up resource exports to China, Harper and Clark choose trade over democracy.

By Bill Tieleman, 21 Oct 2014


Olympic rings

Squamish Nation Finances Under Microscope

'We really want to know what's happening with our money,' says member.

By Bob Mackin, 21 Oct 2014


A Tyee Series

Is Canada's Food Guide Past Its Best-Before Date?

Due to industry lobbying, it may be more about marketing than nutrition. Part of a series.

By Katie Hyslop, 20 Oct 2014



Harper's Foreign Policy Confirms Orwell's Insights

To sell a pointless war, foster 'protective stupidity' among citizens.

By Murray Dobbin, 20 Oct 2014


A Tyee Series

Five Lessons for Canada from Germany's Clean Energy Revolution

The biggest? That renewables make the economy stronger, says German energy expert David Jacobs.

By Geoff Dembicki, 20 Oct 2014



Young Prospects? Vancouver's Wealth Gap Demands a Drastic Move

We must stop how rising house prices are screwing millennials. Here's one way.

By Patrick M. Condon, 20 Oct 2014



Upcoming FACTS Vancouver Talk to Look at Climate Change and Solutions from Innovation

2014 French AmeriCan Climate TalkS will be introduced by David Suzuki and moderated by CBC's Bob McDonald, featuring panelists from Canada and France.

20 Oct 2014


his banner

CONTEST: Win One Of Three Framed 'Hope In Shadows' Prints

Twelfth year of Downtown Eastside photo contest gives those impacted by poverty a chance to share their stories and earn extra income.

20 Oct 2014


Thumb for You.png

Tyee Poll: Roughly What Do You Pay for Child Care?

Does it break the bank? Less than you thought? Let us know.

20 Oct 2014

Don't Overreact, Don't Degrade Our Democracy

We can't let this week's attacks turn Canada into a garrison state.

By Crawford Kilian


Approximately how much do you pay each month for child care, per child?

  • $0-500
  • $500-$750
  • $750-$1,000
  • $1,000-$1,250
  • $1,250-$1,500
  • $1,500+
  • Prefer not to say

Take the poll now »

Last week's poll: Does Canada need a national school meal program? Read the results of that poll here.