Site C Mega-project Set to Break Ground Next Summer



Dam's approval viewed as 'courageous' by some, a '$9-billion gamble' by others. Read more »

By Andrew MacLeod and David P. Ball, Yesterday



An Ancient Coast Salish Ceremony Comes to City Hall

Reconciliation Ritual aims to build bridge between city and Vancouver's First Nations.

By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton, Today


A Tyee Series

Attack of the Super Bugs

John MacLachlan Gray's memoir of the innards life of a Canadian baby boomer. The final chapter.

By John MacLachlan Gray, Today



Telecoms Offer to Build Surveillance Tools into Networks

Nevertheless, gov't still feels the need to legislate interception, docs show.

By Michael Geist, Today

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Site C Dam Approved: A Tyee Reader

Approved today, a sampler from years of reporting on the $8-billion-plus mega-project.

By David P. Ball, Yesterday


Inequality scales

Wealth Gap Bigger than Canadians Imagine

Inequality crosses 'all geographies and demographics,' new study shows.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Yesterday


Jesse Donaldson illustration
A Tyee Series

A Balloon among Angels

John MacLachlan Gray's memoir of a particular polyp and what ensues. Second in a three-act comedy.

By John MacLachlan Gray, Yesterday



Latest UN Climate Action Plan 'Very Weak Indeed'

Delegates face a long, hard road to crucial Paris talks next winter.

By Nick Fillmore, Yesterday


NDP MP Craig Scott

While NDP Fiddles with Electoral Reform, Ottawa Burns

In pushing pro-rep over and over, Opposition misses key chances to nail the government.

By Bill Tieleman, Yesterday


Andrew Nikiforuk on CBC's The National

Time for 'Adult Discussion' on Canada's Oil Future, Says Tyee's Nikiforuk on CBC

Election preview? Plunging oil prices, Norway's petro-smarts drive debate on The National.

By David Beers, 15 Dec 2014



What to Do with the Drunken Sailor? Ban the Beer

No more subsidized cold ones at sea for our Canadian navy.

By Bob Mackin, 15 Dec 2014


Tankers and tugs under the Second Narrows Bridge, Ironworkers Memorial

Expert Engineers Deem Trans Mountain Too Dangerous

One in 10 chance of Burrard Inlet disaster, riskier than Northern Gateway, says letter to NEB.

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Dec 2014



Our Tarnished Maple Leaf

Why the world sees an ugly Canada, and how to restore our image.

By Tom Sandborn, 15 Dec 2014


A Tyee Series

A Certain Urgency

What John MacLachlan Gray learned in hospital about angels and polyps. A true life comedy in three acts. Here's the first.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 15 Dec 2014



Put a Jingle on That: Why the Worst People Make the Best Christmas Movie Heroes

Sketchy characters suffer few consequences if they can demonstrate holiday panache.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Dec 2014



New Rules Could Make it Tougher for Canadian Expats to Vote

Government say regulations will prevent 'riding shopping.'

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 13 Dec 2014


A Tyee Series

Weekend Poem: 'A Marijuana Stalk'

Excerpted from The Capilano Review, recently defunded and going solo.

By Meredith Quartermain, 13 Dec 2014


Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi
A Tyee Series

Calgary's $2,000 Homeownership Hack

Free-market paradise over the Rockies is tackling housing crisis with a bold city-owned experiment.

By David P. Ball, 12 Dec 2014


Author Sheila Heti
A Tyee Series

'A Portrait of Thinking': On the Phone with Sheila Heti

Excerpted from the Capilano Review, recently defunded and going solo.

By Thea Bowering, 12 Dec 2014


Canada oil barrel

It's Time to Nationalize the Tar Sands

Half of Canadians support a public takeover. We can't allow corporate recklessness any longer.

By Martin Lukacs, 12 Dec 2014


George Bowering and George Stanley
A Tyee Series

Take These Poets Out to the Ballgame

But do observe their rules. Excerpted from the Capilano Review, recently defunded and going solo.

By George Bowering, 11 Dec 2014


David Bowie

Ten Legends of the Commodore Ballroom

We don't always get it right in Vancouver, but we surely did with this place.

By Aaron Chapman, 11 Dec 2014



A Plan to Mend Our Stricken CBC

New governance is the best Rx, but there's more to do as listeners and viewers.

By Nick Fillmore, 11 Dec 2014


Cory Wanless, Jessica Ernst, Murray Klippenstein

Alberta Won't Appeal Decision to Allow Jessica Ernst to Sue

Landowner's landmark lawsuit against the fracking industry continues.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 10 Dec 2014



What's in Store for the New Assembly of First Nations Chief?

Leader has work cut out for him: BC chief.

By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton, 10 Dec 2014


A Tyee Series

Save The Capilano Review!

Defunded by its eponymous university, an energetic hub of Canadian culture goes solo.

By Brook Houglum, 10 Dec 2014



Why Canada's Comms Policy Misses the Forest for the Trees

Wireless services, broadband, broadcast TV... why not regulate them together?

By Michael Geist, 10 Dec 2014


Oilsands development

Harper Rules out Crackdown on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

'We're clearly not going to do it,' PM tells Commons.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 9 Dec 2014


The Newsroom

Rape, Trial-by-Media Anxiety and 'The Newsroom'

Goes without saying, but just in case: don't take sexual assault reporting tips from Aaron Sorkin.

By Sarah Berman, 9 Dec 2014


Options for Homes
A Tyee Series

With Friends Fleeing Unaffordability, Vancouver Architect Looks East for Solutions

'Options from Homes' made homeownership possible for thousands in Ontario. Why hasn't it caught on here?

By David P. Ball, 9 Dec 2014

Time for 'Adult Discussion' on Canada's Oil Future, Says Tyee's Nikiforuk on CBC

Election preview? Plunging oil prices, Norway's petro-smarts drive debate on The National.

By David Beers


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