How Can Ottawa Help Cities House Their Citizens?

Start by shoring up social housing, says cities chief. A Tyee Solutions Society interview.

By Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


A Tyee Series

Homeowner? Brace for Flood of Insurance Hikes

As storms rise, so do bills for Ontario cities, citizens. How to keep costs lower.

By Colleen Kimmett, 24 Nov 2015


Joseph Stiglitz on Canada's Housing Inequality: 'It's Very Disturbing'

Ex-World Bank top economist talks unaffordability, the TPP, and being a fiscal 'black sheep.'

By David P. Ball, 23 Nov 2015


Could More Affordable Housing Also Curb Climate Change?

Our housing crisis might just be a carbon-beating opportunity.

By David P. Ball, 20 Nov 2015


Answers to Affordable Housing Are 'Everywhere'

Where many despair, our solutions-oriented panel of experts found rays of hope.

By David P. Ball, 18 Nov 2015


Solving Youth Homelessness, One Community at a Time

Those under 25 aren't like other homeless, agencies find. Why not 'wrap' them in supports?

By Katie Hyslop, 9 Nov 2015


Liberals to Get 'Back into the Game' on Housing, Says MP Adam Vaughan

Toronto ex-councillor talks about big reforms in the works, from CMHC to social housing.

By David P. Ball, 23 Oct 2015


Advocates Hopeful for 'Real Progress' on Housing Crisis

Liberals have promised billions for social housing, co-ops and new rentals.

By Katie Hyslop and David P. Ball, 22 Oct 2015


A Tyee Series

Can Canada's Housing Agency Be Restored?

It once met needs the market couldn't, or wouldn't. Advocates say it could again. Last in a series.

By Katie Hyslop and David P. Ball, 19 Oct 2015


A Tyee Series

From Housing the Neediest to Serving the Home-Selling Industry

Canada's public housing agency, CMHC, has come a long way in 25 years.

By Katie Hyslop, 14 Oct 2015


A Tyee Series

Back When Ottawa Created a Housing Agency for All Canadians

Before it was mainly mortgages, CMHC was about putting people in homes. First in a new series.

By David P. Ball, 12 Oct 2015


On Nov. 2, a Storytelling Night in Search of Vancouver Housing Solutions

Hear top affordability experts pitch their ideas for a more livable city. Tickets on sale now.

By Tyee Solutions Society, 5 Oct 2015


Winnipeg Housing Community Mourns 'Instrumental' Member

The death of Oanh Pham, 33, has residents of a converted church pondering her gifts.

By David P. Ball, 30 Sep 2015


New Tool Links Local Candidates to Housing Policies, and to Voters

Year-long journalism project yields a website dedicated to fixing what's broken in Canada's housing.

By Chris Wood, 23 Sep 2015


Less Focus on Vancouver's Foreign Buyers, and More on Income, Please

High prices, and who's paying them, is only half the affordability equation.

By Yuen Pau Woo, 3 Sep 2015


Veterans Deploy 'Boots on the Ground' to Help Homeless Comrades

'We would never leave them in the field, ever. You're not going to leave them on the street.'

By David P. Ball, 31 Aug 2015


Why Foreign Ownership Data Won't Solve Vancouver's Affordability Crisis

And why a national housing strategy just might.

By Margot Young, 20 Aug 2015


Foreign Money Influencing Our Housing Market? Harper Wants to Know

In a surprise campaign vow, Conservative leader echoes NDP, Vision Vancouver.

By David P. Ball, 12 Aug 2015


Cheap Rentals Near Transit Hubs Face Wave of Demolition

Metro Van density plans invite wrecking ball to three lower-income neighbourhoods.

By Christopher Cheung, 12 Aug 2015


Why Racism in Vancouver's Housing Debate Can't Be Ignored

In absence of data, Chinese blamed and shamed for affordability crisis.

By Christopher Cheung, 7 Aug 2015