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Abandon the Dream Home, This Prof Says. You’ll Be Happier

UBC’s Nathanael Lauster urges city dwellers to shake off their ‘house addiction.’

By Christopher Cheung, 24 Oct 2016


One Simple Idea to Stop ‘Renovictions’

Let the original tenants come home — at their old rent.

By Christopher Pollon, 19 Oct 2016


The Future Is Cities. Can Countries Adapt?

UN conference born in Vancouver draws thousands to Ecuador to take another run at creating a ‘right to the city.’

By Christopher Cheung, 17 Oct 2016


Life Skills Program for Former Foster Kids Seeks Boost

Seven years in the making, life skills “apprenticeship” program for young women needs $75k to succeed.

By Katie Hyslop, 12 Oct 2016


BC Company Claims ‘Net Zero’ Answer to Reserve Housing Energy Woes

Structures aim to bring next-generation efficiency within the budget of First Nation communities.

By Katie Hyslop, 5 Oct 2016


Should Homes Be Money?

A UN envoy investigates the ‘financialization’ of Canadians’ right to housing in Vancouver.

By Katie Hyslop, 29 Sep 2016


How to ‘Stop’ Tent Cities? Help Residents Before Crisis, Mayors Say

At UBCM convention, discussion full of solutions follows housing minister’s question.

By Andrew MacLeod, 28 Sep 2016


Support for Youth ‘Aging Out’ of Care Could Save $200 Million a Year: Report

Ending supports at 19 results in higher future costs, poor outcomes, says Vancouver Foundation.

By Katie Hyslop, 19 Sep 2016


Facing Homelessness Emergency, Seattle Weighs Bylaw Protecting Rights of Campers

Ordinance ‘totally applicable to Vancouver,’ says housing rights lawyer.

By Stefania Seccia, 19 Sep 2016


Plenty of House Price Policy Fixes Available to Clark’s Government

Here, 10 top shelf options that economists of differing stripes agree on.

By David Beers, 14 Sep 2016


BC Libs’ Foreign Buyers Tax Fails to Cool Sky-High Housing Prices

Don’t think for a second it’s diminished demand, particularly from China.

By Bill Tieleman, 13 Sep 2016


The Sad Housing Lessons of Little Mountain

Province, city sacrificed opportunity for social and affordable housing in favour of private interests.

By David Chudnovsky and Linda Shuto, 12 Sep 2016


A Tyee Series

Jim’s Story: What Can Be Done to House Our Most Vulnerable Residents?

It isn’t lack of knowledge or politics that holds us back, but logistics, experts say. Last of two.

By Katie Hyslop, 2 Sep 2016


A Tyee Series

In Downtown Eastside, Jim’s Story Shows Holes in Vast Net of Systems and Services

Facing complex challenges, his struggle is emblematic of hundreds others. First of two parts.

By Katie Hyslop, 1 Sep 2016


How Vancouver’s Housing Segregation Became Policy: A 2040 Look Back

Decades from now, researchers reflect with shock, pity on what led to creation of regional, economically unequal ‘bantustans.’

By Patrick M. Condon, 12 Aug 2016


‘Faulty’ Towers? Battle Brews over Vibe of Commercial Drive

Coalition of 28 Vancouver groups want city to delay Grandview-Woodland community plan for more consultation.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Aug 2016


Liberals’ Housing Moves Way Too Little, Too Late to Improve Affordability

Years of inaction mean only the rich can hope to own a home in Vancouver.

By Bill Tieleman, 9 Aug 2016


How China’s Politics Are Screwing with Canadian Real Estate Markets

Extraordinary levels of capital flight tied to chaos in the Middle Kingdom.

By Jonathan Manthorpe, 8 Aug 2016


Please Advise! Why Tax Foreign Homebuyers Before the Study’s Done?

Dr. Steve joins the speculation on Clark’s desperate, drastic and apparently data-less decision.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2016


‘Ethnoburbs’: The New Face of Immigrant Cities

Old settlement patterns have reversed, but old problems of adaptation remain.

By Christopher Cheung, 5 Aug 2016