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How Vancouver’s Housing Segregation Became Policy: A 2040 Look Back

Decades from now, researchers reflect with shock, pity on what led to creation of regional, economically unequal ‘bantustans.’

By Patrick M. Condon, 12 Aug 2016


‘Faulty’ Towers? Battle Brews over Vibe of Commercial Drive

Coalition of 28 Vancouver groups want city to delay Grandview-Woodland community plan for more consultation.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Aug 2016


Liberals’ Housing Moves Way Too Little, Too Late to Improve Affordability

Years of inaction mean only the rich can hope to own a home in Vancouver.

By Bill Tieleman, 9 Aug 2016


How China’s Politics Are Screwing with Canadian Real Estate Markets

Extraordinary levels of capital flight tied to chaos in the Middle Kingdom.

By Jonathan Manthorpe, 8 Aug 2016


Please Advise! Why Tax Foreign Homebuyers Before the Study’s Done?

Dr. Steve joins the speculation on Clark’s desperate, drastic and apparently data-less decision.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2016


‘Ethnoburbs’: The New Face of Immigrant Cities

Old settlement patterns have reversed, but old problems of adaptation remain.

By Christopher Cheung, 5 Aug 2016


West Hastings ‘Tent City’ Could Be Around for Years

Meanwhile in Victoria, residents are packing up ‘Super InTent City’ after nine months to move into social housing.

By Stefania Seccia, 4 Aug 2016


Vancouver Is Home, Must I Leave?

Staying in the city where I grew up isn’t just about money, it’s about love.

By Christopher Cheung, 1 Aug 2016


House Price Horrors: Who You Gonna Call? Not Christy Clark

Premier’s latest step won’t bust ghostly killers of home affordability.

By Bill Tieleman, 26 Jul 2016


How Chinese Buyers Are Driving Up Home Prices

Government stats show foreign purchasers buying up real estate equal in value to all new home construction.

By Bill Tieleman, 12 Jul 2016


In Vancouver, Thinking New Ways of Housing

Co-ops and co-housing reimagine the multi-family dwelling, one mini-community at a time.

By Alex de Boer, 5 Jul 2016


BC's Lax Investment Rules Endanger Vulnerable Overseas Workers

Chinese capital flight to places like Vancouver creates risk of disaster for hundreds of millions of labourers.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Jul 2016


'We Can Do Better': Residents, Advocates Fight for Victoria Tent City

As province aims to shut down camp in court, tenter Norm Ruble offers a different view.

By Andrew MacLeod, 28 Jun 2016


Vancouver's Home Price Nightmare Was Long Foretold

Since Expo 86 many warned global wealth would kill local homebuyers' dreams.

By Darryl Greer, 24 Jun 2016


'China Syndrome' Paralyzes Politicians in Housing Affordability Crisis

Huge impact of foreign buyers can't be ignored, and raising the issue isn't racist.

By Bill Tieleman, 21 Jun 2016


'I Go to Bed in Tears': Lower Mainland Renter Rage

Website commenters share tales of woes over lack of affordable digs.

By Dermod Travis, 17 Jun 2016


Seven-Year Residential Tenancy Battle Shows Dispute System Is a 'Joke,' Say Tenants

In Sparwood, landowner and tenants agree on one point: BC's RTB needs to be fixed.

By Andrew MacLeod, 17 Jun 2016


Serious About Housing Costs? Ban Foreign Home Sales for Six Months

Drastic action needed to buy time to implement tax changes, rules to slow runaway home prices.

By Bill Tieleman, 14 Jun 2016


A Tyee Series

Were You Ready to 'Adult' at 19? Should We Expect Foster Kids to Be?

BC claims it has a policy for launching youth into the grown-up world, but it's not always followed. Scotland does better. Last of two.

By Katie Hyslop, 8 Jun 2016


Immigrants Undaunted in Return to Fire-ravaged Fort Mac

Homes gone, jobs uncertain -- but determination to build a new life lives on.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 6 Jun 2016