Ottawa Housing for Homeless Will Need Little Energy

Construction will soon wrap on Canada's first 'Passiv'-style supportive housing complex.

By David P. Ball, 22 Apr 2016


Why One Corner of East Van Could Be Truly Revolutionary

Alas, what 'the People's Republic' wants today may not fit tomorrow.

By Ian Gill, 18 Apr 2016


Vancouver Wants Victoria to Lay Foundation for Affordable Homeownership

Long-awaited pathway for first-time buyers needs provincial green light.

By David P. Ball, 14 Apr 2016


A Small Town with Big Ideas for Housing Single Parent Families

Dryden, Ontario sees safe shelter as the first step to improving family futures. Last of two.

By Katie Hyslop, 14 Apr 2016


Supportive Housing's Catch-22 for Single Parents on Welfare

Losing your kids once can lead to losing your shelter -- which makes it harder to get back your kids. First of two.

By Katie Hyslop, 13 Apr 2016


You Wanted Foreign Ownership Data? Here You Go

Housing agency report doesn't answer everyone's questions, but is 'meaningful first step.'

By David P. Ball, 9 Apr 2016


Is One of These the Answer to Vancouver's Affordable Housing Woes?

City staff give The Tyee an exclusive look at models they're examining.

By David P. Ball, 28 Mar 2016


Budget the 'Re-engagement We've Been Calling For': Housing Advocates

$2.3 billion for rental, non-profit homes and co-ops revives hope in long-sidelined sector.

By David P. Ball, 23 Mar 2016


Vancouver Shadow Flipping Shows 'Naked Greed,' Premier Says

Christy Clark vows to close loophole that's driving up housing prices.

By David P. Ball, 18 Mar 2016


Debate Pits Freer Markets Against Gov't Intervention on Affordable Housing

Vancouver audience votes legislated solution, opposition changes few minds.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Mar 2016


Vancouver Shines Light on Empty Condos

City study measures vacancy problem, but authors say more data needed.

By Katie Hyslop, 8 Mar 2016


Vancouver's Housing Angst a Fraught Climate for Newcomers

Sense of 'home' questioned and complicated for migrant and homegrown Chinese.

By Jackie Wong, 2 Mar 2016


'Everything Is Being Stretched,' Say Refugee Settlement Agencies

Lower Mainland support workers scramble to find permanent homes for newcomer 'wave.'

By David P. Ball, 26 Feb 2016


In Canada, Housing Is a Right. Right?

Sure, on paper. In practice, feds fail to live up to 40-year-old UN commitment.

By Katie Hyslop, 26 Feb 2016


It's Time Governments Treated Real Estate as a Public Resource

Forget natural gas, forests or mines -- housing is BC's big asset.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Feb 2016


Budget Housing Promises Fail to Address 'Massive Unaffordability': Experts

Closer look reveals little budgeted for British Columbians struggling to live in Lower Mainland.

By David P. Ball, 18 Feb 2016


Scant Relief in BC Budget for Squeezed Young Families

Province downplays massive unaffordability problem, ignores generational divide.

By Paul Kershaw, 17 Feb 2016


At Ottawa Forum, Housing Sector Readies for Feds' Next Moves

With infrastructure cash on horizon, stakeholders sharpen affordability pitch.

By David P. Ball and Katie Hyslop, 16 Feb 2016


Meet the Real Estate Duo Answering Vancouver Prayers

No, not housing prayers. These guys sell most of Metro Van's churches.

By Christopher Cheung, 12 Feb 2016


As BC Vows Real Estate Investigation, the Story Behind the Exposé

More than three months of investigation led to reporter Kathy Tomlinson's scoop.

By David P. Ball, 11 Feb 2016