As BC Vows Real Estate Investigation, the Story Behind the Exposé

More than three months of investigation led to reporter Kathy Tomlinson's scoop.

By David P. Ball, Today


Nine Ways to Turn Vancouver's Housing Crisis from 'Breaking Point' to Tipping Point

In wake of recent headlines, we offer these ready-made ideas.

By David P. Ball and Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


Leveraging City Land for Federal Bucks 'Very Positive Move': Prof

But activists say affordable housing deal could leave out Vancouver's homeless.

By David P. Ball, 4 Feb 2016


In Portland, Once Unwelcome Tent City Becomes 'Dignity Village'

As BC seeks homelessness solutions, this tiny house collective offers 60 residents refuge.

By Marcus Harrison Green, 1 Feb 2016


Meet Norm Ruble, Resident of Victoria's Tent City

One camper's story of choosing homelessness, and why he'd still prefer a home indoors.

By Andrew MacLeod, 26 Jan 2016


As Real Estate Soars, Habitat for Humanity Rethinks Its Model

The housing charity Jimmy Carter made famous considers a controversial new approach in Canada.

By David P. Ball, 25 Jan 2016


Density Is Coming, Say Urban Thinkers, but to Whose Backyard?

Debate series seeks common ground on Metro Vancouver's growth strategy.

By Katie Hyslop, 22 Jan 2016


How Canada's Hottest Resort Town Learned to Put Down Roots

Exploding land costs risked driving out talent. So Whistler carved fresh tracks.

By David P. Ball, 19 Jan 2016


In BC, Help Out of Poverty... Unless You're on Income Assistance

In that case you're denied supports others in exactly the same financial situations get. Why?

By Paul Willcocks, 18 Jan 2016


Byelection Battle: Meet Candidates Vying for Vancouver Mount-Pleasant

NDP's Mark dreams of minister role, while Greens' Fry keen to surprise in long-orange riding.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Jan 2016


Homeless Victoria Campers Won't Budge: 'We Are Part of the Solution'

Gov't moves to disband camp of 100, many protesting housing 'inaction.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 12 Jan 2016


As Housing Prices Soar, Finance Minister Is Well Invested

Gov't must be 'careful about intervening,' says Mike de Jong, who has a stake in several properties.

By Andrew MacLeod, 11 Jan 2016


Advocate Pitches Three Ways to Help Homeless Vets

Tom Beaver reflects on new findings that 2,250 fellow veterans regularly use shelters.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 7 Jan 2016


A Tyee Series

Cleveland's Work-to-Own Housing

Co-op selling formerly foreclosed homes offers employees a new kind of mortgage.

By Yessina Funes, 24 Dec 2015


For Youth Leaving Care, Liftoff Takes a Village

Whether a warm bed or college degree, organizations help kids 'aging out' set and achieve goals.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Dec 2015


Feds' Down Payment Hike to Cool Housing Prices? Don't Bet on It

Experts puzzled by claims move will help tame affordability crisis in Vancouver, Toronto.

By David P. Ball, 12 Dec 2015


One Big Idea to Tie Affordable Housing to Accessible Transit

You can't have one without the other. Enter the '30/30/30' plan.

By Katie Hyslop, 8 Dec 2015


Why Are So Many Dying Unnoticed in BC Supportive Housing?

Lindsey Longe's sad death in 2012 wasn't an isolated case.

By Tom Sandborn, 30 Nov 2015


Abbotsford Decision Suggests New Avenue for Right to Housing in Canada

When governments fail our most vulnerable, courts can help.

By DJ Larkin, 27 Nov 2015


How Can Ottawa Help Cities House Their Citizens?

Start by shoring up social housing, says cities chief. A Tyee Solutions Society interview.

By Katie Hyslop, 25 Nov 2015