A Tyee Series

Sketchy Claims Inflate BC's Wood Energy Exports

In efforts to sell 'biomass energy' to Europe and beyond, the climate may be the loser.

By Robert McClure, Today


A Tyee Series

Biomass Fuel: Worse for Climate than Coal?

It depends. Do you mean now, or decades later? Part of a series.

By Robert McClure, Yesterday


A Tyee Series

Are Climate Claims for Burning Renewable Trees a Smokescreen?

The answer surprised us too. First in a series.

By Robert McClure, 22 Apr 2014


Vancouver Is Right to End Chainsaw Massacres

Cutting down healthy trees for selfish reasons just isn't neighbourly.

By Bill Tieleman, 22 Apr 2014


Green Month Sparks Conversations for Young and Old

Science World inspires students to 'inquire beyond what we know.' Win tix!

By David P. Ball, 21 Apr 2014


BC Wolf Killing Plan Based on 'Unreliable Data': Advocate

Newly released strategy outlines difficulties in counting wolves.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Apr 2014


Alberta Moves to Strike Down Ernst's Fracking Lawsuit

Landmark case could spark a flood of litigation against the province, lawyer argues.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 18 Apr 2014


BC exempts sweet gas plants, ski resorts from enviro assessment process

By Bill Metcalfe, 15 Apr 2014


Without Better Science, BC's Herring Crisis Could Resurface

Experts say there's more to do to ensure future fights, like this year's, end peacefully.

By Kristian Secher, 12 Apr 2014


Does Kitimat's Vote on Northern Gateway Matter?

While Enbridge rallies support for today's non-binding pipeline plebiscite, critics say risks stretch far beyond the coastal town.

By Dan Mesec, 12 Apr 2014


Greenpeace Complaint a Foreign-Funded 'Outburst': Ethical Oil

Environmental advocate alleges pro-oilsands group a 'front' for Tories.

By David P. Ball, 9 Apr 2014


Shortsighted Bill 24: Don't Cut Ag Land, Help Farmers

Most of our best food growing lands lie within zone to be less protected.

By Joan Sawicki, 7 Apr 2014


Who Gets in on NEB Pipeline Hearing? It's 'Kafkaesque' Says Planner

Now, experts wanting to weigh in must prove they'll be 'directly affected.'

By David P. Ball, 7 Apr 2014


NDP Small Business Critic Silenced by Speaker Reid

MLA Popham denied chance to argue recycling scheme an expensive job killer.

By Bob Mackin, 5 Apr 2014


'No Rationale Given,' Say Rejected Kinder Morgan Intervenors

Public hearings for TransMountain's oilsands pipeline expansion begin next January.

By David P. Ball, 4 Apr 2014


Heiltsuk Vow to Disrupt Central Coast Fisheries Reopening

Looming conflict between First Nation and feds traps herring fishermen in between.

By Kristian Secher, 3 Apr 2014


A Tyee Series

Embedded with the Planet Savers

Are we screwed? At Globe 2014, I survey the rapidly evolving world of 'clean capitalism' for answers.

By Geoff Dembicki, 31 Mar 2014


Canada not prepared for natural disasters, say top insurance execs

By Kristian Secher, 28 Mar 2014


A Tyee Series

Cell Phones, Brought to You by BC Copper via China

Home to Apple's Foxconn plant, Kunshan is China's Silicon Valley. But for how long? Fourth in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 27 Mar 2014


Trappers Warn of Inhumane BC Wolf Killing Plans

Association worried about policy that would allow trapping of mothers with pups, docs show.

By Andrew MacLeod, 27 Mar 2014