After Mount Polley, a Recipe for Better Mines

Yes, we can create a more responsible, even sustainable industry.

By Maura Forrest, 25 Aug 2014


Mount Polley Fish, Water Samples Show High Metal Concentrations

'Some concerns' remain for aquatic life, officials say.

By Maura Forrest, 23 Aug 2014


Port Metro Vancouver OKs Massive US Coal Terminal

Lower Mainland transfer facility to export thermal coal to Asia given green light.

By David P. Ball, 21 Aug 2014


IPP Chips in for Spotted Owl Recovery, then Chips Away at Habitat

Industry gains access to small part of wildlife area as part of government deal.

By Maura Forrest, 20 Aug 2014


'They Killed My Beautiful Lake'

Skeed Borkowski built his lodge, and life, on Quesnel Lake. Then the Mount Polley dam burst.

By Tom Hawthorn, 19 Aug 2014


Northern BC Mine Suspended as Experts Probe Polley Spill

Development of Morrison project near Smithers now on hold.

By Maura Forrest, 19 Aug 2014


Blue-Ribbon Panel to Lead Mount Polley Probe

Engineering experts tasked with uncovering what, or who, caused the spill.

By Bob Mackin, 18 Aug 2014


Why Bill Bennett Needs to Resign

Tradition decrees he take 'ministerial responsibility' for Mount Polley mess on his watch.

By Rafe Mair, 18 Aug 2014


Imperial Metals Faces Scrutiny over Other Mines' Safety

Corner-cutting, cost savings a 'pattern of behaviour,' mining consultant alleges.

By David P. Ball, 15 Aug 2014


Tailings Dams 'Have Not Breached,' Says Minister... Except When They Have

Several other incidents offer insights into BC spill.

By Maura Forrest, 15 Aug 2014


Government under investigation over alleged Mount Polley secrecy

By Bob Mackin, 14 Aug 2014


Minister Polak's False Statement on Mine Inspections

And more of the Tyee's coverage (so far) attempting to separate fact from spin on the Mount Polley disaster.

By Maura Forrest, 14 Aug 2014


Crony Capitalism Appears Alive and Well at Mount Polley

When Imperial Metals called on BC officials to speed up enviro assessments, it received.

By Dermod Travis, 12 Aug 2014


On the Scene at Blockade of Mount Polley's Sister Mine Red Chris

Tahltan nation maintains roadblocks, says 'business as usual is over.'

By Dan Mesec, 11 Aug 2014


Mine Disaster: Gov't Shirked Legal Duty to Warn Public, Says Advocate

Ministry knew Mount Polley dam posed threat, was legally bound to share info: transparency group.

By Bob Mackin, 11 Aug 2014


Mount Polley Ex-Engineer Warned Tailings Pond Was 'Getting Large'

But did anyone in the mining ministry pay attention?

By David Schreck, 11 Aug 2014


Lesson for BC: Mining Politics Can Be Terribly Corrosive

Consider Greece, where mistrust of Canadian mine safety helped spark massive revolt.

By Kristian Secher, 11 Aug 2014


Vancouver's Exhibition Aims to Drop the Waste

Almost all of it, in fact. Don't miss Aug. 27's 'Zero Waste' challenge at the PNE.

By Jesse Donaldson, 11 Aug 2014


Mine Spill Toxins: 'It's Early Days Yet' Says UBC Expert

Mount Polley water ban partly lifted, but questions remain about contamination, next steps.

By Maura Forrest, 9 Aug 2014


Imperial Metals' Political Gifts to BC Liberals Total $234,000

Watchdog wants correspondence between firm and government released.

By David P. Ball, 9 Aug 2014