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A Trip Down Trudeaumania Lane with Nardwuar the Human Serviette



He schooled PM Justin on his family's forgotten pop history, inspiring a record rebirth. Read more »

By Doug Ward, 30 Oct 2015

Recent Election


Greens Slapped for Pumping Poll that Falsely Made Race Seem Tight

Method for poll claiming near tie in Victoria made it ‘meaningless’ says expert.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 27 Jul 2016

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair

Mulcair's Election Campaign Mistakes Were Fatal Wounds

Politics is unforgiving, as NDP's vote for a new leader shows.

By Bill Tieleman, 12 Apr 2016

Justin Trudeau on Halloween 2015

Please Advise! New Hope PM Ponders Astronomical Expectations

No pressure, Justin. At least JJ Abrams knows how you feel.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Nov 2015

Cartoon by Ingrid Rice about Conservative loss

Some Kindly Advice for Conservatives

Ponder your loss. Search your souls. Perhaps even hear an adversary's view?

By Crawford Kilian, 6 Nov 2015

Stephane Dion

Time to Repair Our 'Damaged' Democracy: Stephane Dion

New foreign affairs minister, a long-time vote reform advocate, dishes on fixing our system.

By David P. Ball, 5 Nov 2015

Green leader Elizabeth May

Greens' Breakthrough Dreams Withered on the Vine

'Stampede' voting, not strategic voting, ran them over this election.

By Bill Tieleman, 3 Nov 2015


Tories Punished for Failing to Grasp BC's Issues, Observers Say

Backlash can be ferocious in a province that tends to ride populist waves.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 2 Nov 2015


A Trip Down Trudeaumania Lane with Nardwuar the Human Serviette

He schooled PM Justin on his family's forgotten pop history, inspiring a record rebirth.

By Doug Ward, 30 Oct 2015

Parliament clock

Let's Write an Omnibus Bill to End Omnibus Bills

How else to purge years of toxic policymaking? Here's the first draft, amendments welcome!

By Cam Sylvester, 29 Oct 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Will Trudeau's Teacher Skills Help Him Run Canada?

As an educator-in-training, the Liberal leader was steeped in tradition of democratic teaching.

By Katie Hyslop, 29 Oct 2015

Harper with crowd

No, Tories Didn't Lose Because of 'Harper Derangement Syndrome'

Memo to pundits: if you can't fathom defeat over policies, seek help!

By Crawford Kilian, 27 Oct 2015

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair

Turns Out, the NDP Just Wasn't Ready

With a campaign strategy that failed to inspire, it squandered the chance of a generation.

By Bill Tieleman, 27 Oct 2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

C-51, TPP Top List of 'Real Change' Tech Priorities

Digital policies took election backseat, but action expected early in Trudeau's term.

By Michael Geist, 27 Oct 2015


Please Advise! Fear Merchant Community Falls on Hard Times

Spin doctor Steve isn't unemployed, he's only resting for the next Machiavellian wedge campaign.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Oct 2015


Aboriginal Voters Rally 'Turnout Harper Never Expected'

Chiefs say election woke a 'sleeping giant,' as some communities see 270 per cent spike.

By Chinta Puxley, 26 Oct 2015


Nine Urgent Post-Harper Challenges

Surveying hazards and opportunities across our upended political landscape.

By Crawford Kilian, 26 Oct 2015


Dan Albas Pitches for a Sunnier Conservative Party

Re-elected Tory MP: 'We need to present a positive option.'

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 26 Oct 2015


Trudeau's Breathtaking Chance to Idle No More

Starved of statesmanship, Canada chose change. What an opportunity.

By Ian Gill, 24 Oct 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Trust Trudeau? I'll Wait and See

Canada's young prince promises 'real change.' I can't help but be wary.

By Mitchell Anderson, 23 Oct 2015

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan

Liberals to Get 'Back into the Game' on Housing, Says MP Adam Vaughan

Toronto ex-councillor talks about big reforms in the works, from CMHC to social housing.

By David P. Ball, 23 Oct 2015


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