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Stories for week starting Monday, February 18, 2019


‘Never Give Up on Any Waterway’

Bringing new life to Burnaby’s buried and abused creeks, streams and wetlands.

By Christopher Cheung, Today


Civil Rights Activist Jack O’Dell Cuts a Riveting Figure in New Film

The 95-year-old Vancouver resident once worked alongside MLK, before being ousted.

By Dorothy Woodend, Today


Budget’s Inequality Measures a Start — But More Progress Depends on Us

Child benefit, Employment Standards reforms offer hope for a more equal BC.

By Paul Willcocks, Yesterday


Jagmeet Singh Lays It on the Line

Tense, and clarifying, times on the Burnaby campaign trail with the NDP leader.

By Geoff Dembicki, Yesterday


Pop This! Serves Up a Badass Feminist Pop Culture Podcast

If you love hilarious women dissecting movies, music and more, this is the show for you.

By Dorothy Woodend, Yesterday


The Law, SNC-Lavalin and the Politics of Prosecution

Case could shine light on the murky area of prosecutorial independence.

By Victoria Colvin, 19 Feb 2019


Is BC Getting More Affordable? Six Hints from the New Budget

Life will get easier, for some, as the NDP unveils its plan.

By Andrew MacLeod, 19 Feb 2019


Would You Like to Be Buried as an Egg?

ARTIFACT: The egg then sprouts a tree. On display at ‘Designing Death.’

By David Beers, 19 Feb 2019


Great Bear Rainforest Hits a Screen Big Enough to Fit Its Grandeur

In Ian McAllister’s nature masterpiece, human inhabitants star, too.

By Ian Gill, 19 Feb 2019


Steve Burgess Gets Educated: The New World of Interaction Design

Emily Carr’s Haig Armen on why design is not about how things look.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Feb 2019


What Rachel Notley Actually Achieved

The complex legacy of Alberta’s first NDP premier.

By Geoff Dembicki, 19 Feb 2019


Controversial Job Training Contracts a ‘Missed Opportunity’ to Strengthen Communities, Says Advocate

Minister Shane Simpson says new policy focused on preparing people for work.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Feb 2019


Singing of Starving: La Bohème’s Tragedy Is Today’s Reality

Vancouver Opera’s new production reaches across the centuries.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Feb 2019


‘Punch to the Gut’ Musical on Residential Schools Returns to Vancouver

Children of God has been shaped by intense audience reactions, says director Corey Payette.

By Andrea Smith, 18 Feb 2019