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Stories for week starting Monday, May 20, 2024


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My E-bike

It’s a sweet ride! And for city parents like us, a real game-changer.

Harrison Mooney, Yesterday


Stalking Stanley Park’s Haunted Beauty

The pandemic sent photographic artist Roger Larry in search of ‘the gothic sublime.’

David Beers, Yesterday


When You're Forced to Flee, Here’s What to Know

As BC’s wildfire season starts early, residents in vulnerable areas should be thinking about their evacuation plans.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Yesterday


As Gaza Suffers, What’s My Role as a Young Doctor?

Why physicians have a responsibility to condemn Israel’s military invasion of Gaza.

Dunavan Morris-Janzen, Yesterday


‘Protest Architecture’ Reveals the Building Blocks of Rebellion

A new book on protests arrives at a timely juncture as North America faces camps and convoys.

Christopher Cheung, 23 May 2024


When Cities Hit 'Day Zero' with No Water

Tim Smedley's new book documents the growing global crisis and ways to stave off the worst.

Crawford Kilian, 23 May 2024


Canada’s Crackdown on Digital Hate: Effective, or Just Loud?

The Online Harms Act is an important first step. But we have a long way to go, say advocates.

Sarah Krichel, 23 May 2024


First Nations Begin Ground Search at the Lejac Residential School Site

It’s the first step in a long process that will be led by survivors, the Nadleh Whut’en and Stellat’en nations say.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 23 May 2024


The Sweeter the Land, the Harsher the Film

‘Sweetland’ surprises in the way that only Canadian movies do.

Dorothy Woodend, 23 May 2024


Alberta’s Fossil Fuel Fixation Is Dimming Renewables’ Bright Future

How the ideology of oil and gas captures politicians.

Ian Urquhart, 22 May 2024


The UCP’s Plan to Drive Down Wages Is Working

Economist Jim Stanford’s research shows Alberta workers are falling behind. And it offers solutions.

David Climenhaga, 22 May 2024


When Things Go Wrong in the Mountains, Secrecy Sets In

Canada’s guide association has backtracked on plans for post-accident debriefs with clients, citing legal concerns.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 22 May 2024


Will BC Deliver on ‘Radical’ Forest Reform?

The government is signalling a shift in resource management. Here’s one way to prove it’s real.

Andy MacKinnon, 22 May 2024


No, Our Coastal Rainforests Are Not Too Wet to Burn

Scientists are studying what happens when old-growth trees catch fire — an increasingly common occurrence.

Madeline Ostrander, 22 May 2024


Why It’s Time for Municipalities to Fire the RCMP

And how Surrey is offering a lesson of what not to do in reforming police.

Bryce J. Casavant, 21 May 2024


How Do People with Addictions Conceive of Their Recovery?

12-Step programs talk about a ‘higher power.’ That’s more flexible than you might think. A Tyee Q&A.

andrea bennett, 21 May 2024


Canada Faces the Loss of Its First Public Broadcaster

The Edmonton radio station enjoys scads of public support but faces a financial ‘perfect storm.’

Ximena Gonzalez, 21 May 2024


Joan Phillip Reshapes What It Means to Be a First Nations MLA

Her predecessor Melanie Mark showed the role can exact a cost. A year in, Phillip shows no signs of fear.

Kayla MacInnis, 21 May 2024

Bright Idea: This Natural Glow Stick Doesn’t Pollute

Lux Bio invented a bioluminescent alternative to the toxic plastic wands that litter landfills and oceans.

Pippa Norman, 21 May 2024


Take the Challenge! Buy Just Five Pieces of New Clothing a Year

Can you do it? It could dent the climate crisis and spur unlikely connections. Tell us in the comments.

Dorothy Woodend, 20 May 2024


Join The Tyee in Victoria This Wednesday

We’re celebrating the launch of our new book, ‘Points of Interest.’ It’s free and you’re invited!

Tyee Staff, 20 May 2024


CONTEST: Win Two Tickets to Veronica Swift at Jazz Fest

The iconic summer festival returns, featuring over 50 free shows across Vancouver.

Coastal Jazz, 20 May 2024


BC Government Defends Deals to Buy Prince George Hotels

Private owners made millions selling properties to the province. BC Conservatives want an audit.

Andrew MacLeod, 20 May 2024