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Welcome to The Tyee Publications page!

Every so often, Tyee staff go through the archives with a fine-toothed comb and compile the best work that we've done on a specific topic. We then take those articles and create from them a PDF document that is easy-to-read, easy-to-print, and easy-to-email-to-friends.

Why bother with PDFs?

Our reporters have broken major news stories over the years. In many cases - such as with our series on shipping container housing (see "Green Homes, Out of the Box" below) - Tyee journalism has even resulted in changes in public policy (check out the PDF for more information!) Even though The Tyee is always available for free online and readers can stay up to date with our work by subscribing to our free eNewsletter, we think it's best to share our work in as many formats as possible.

Below, you'll find all the collections we've made to date, saved in PDF form. You're welcome to download them, send them to friends, print them off and bring them to meetings at work, use them to prove to your stubborn great-uncle that urban farming really is a good idea...or for whatever else you like. We hope you enjoy them!

"Hot Stories from BC's Labour Beat": The Tyee has what we think is the best (it might be the only) labour beat in BC media. We’ve run hundreds of stories in recent years about job safety, workers’ rights, labour politics and how to make B.C. and Canada a fairer, more humane place to earn a living. Here are ten of our favourites, with reporting by Tom Sandborn and Justin Langille.

"Green From the Ground Up": Green building practices and environmental awareness can save money, improve living conditions, and create jobs. This PDF brings two Tyee Series together into one package; it includes "Green Homes, Out of the Box" - a series of articles on shipping container housing, available for download separately below - and "Green Buildings That Pay Off," both by Tyee reporter Monte Paulsen.

"Green Homes, Out of the Box": Shipping containers revolutionized the global economy, making trade possible on a scale never before seen. Now, these big steel boxes hold the potential to revolutionize urban living and design. With reporting by Monte Paulsen.

"Growing the Local Bounty: Farmlands in Flux in Ontario and BC": Reporters Colleen Kimmett, Jeff Nield and Justin Langille journey through the greenbelts outside Vancouver and Toronto to gauge the health of local food systems and find out from growers, processors and distributors what's working to make local food truly sustainable.

"A Home For All" In a market that isn't delivering a variety of cost-effective housing, Tyee investigative editor Monte Paulsen reports on how different approaches to finance, government policy and design could whittle the costs down to manageable proportions. And we invite experts to weigh in with their own opinion pieces.

We'll be updating this page as we create more PDF packages of our articles. If you have a suggestion for what topic or issue we should anthologize next, email us at [email protected].