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David Schreck

David Schreck is a political analyst who publishes the web site Strategic Thoughts

Stories by David Schreck


Axe the MSP!

Why is BC the only remaining province to retain such a regressive health tax?

By David Schreck, 11 Apr 2015


Health Ministry Firings: Government Overkill or Deliberate Purge?

Premier apologized, but says initial privacy breach was 'serious.'

By David Schreck, 25 Nov 2014


Mount Polley Ex-Engineer Warned Tailings Pond Was 'Getting Large'

But did anyone in the mining ministry pay attention?

By David Schreck, 11 Aug 2014


BC Is Flush with Natural Gas; Is that a Good Thing?

Having a big slice of world's reserves isn't same as being able to monetize them sustainably.

By David Schreck, 7 Jan 2014


As Jobs Dive, Clark's Natural Gas Dream Fades, Too

Does premier really expect BC to supply a quarter of the world's LNG?

By David Schreck, 13 Dec 2013


VIEW: BC job growth stalled for over a year

By David Schreck, 21 Nov 2013


VIEW: It takes more than money to win election campaigns

By David Schreck, 27 Aug 2013


Premier, Let Us in on LNG Tax Break Talks

Government could be giving up billions in order to secure the building of natural gas plants.

By David Schreck, 16 Jul 2013


What Now for BC's New Dems?

Back in opposition, they face a Premier Clark holding a blank cheque.

By David Schreck, 21 May 2013


VIEW: Major BC Liberal #fail on quick wins

By David Schreck, 14 Mar 2013


Clark and Dix: Whose Ad Is Stronger?

As BC's top parties roll out their pitches, which is more likely to connect?

By David Schreck, 13 Feb 2013


Let's Talk Money, and Deficits, BC Libs

Starting to look a lot like what Gordon Campbell called a 'structural deficit.'

By David Schreck, 29 Nov 2012


Why Temporary Foreign Workers Are Political Dynamite

Auditor general warned of fraud risk woven into Canada's program.

By David Schreck, 22 Oct 2012


We're (Not) Number One!

How gov't made BC look like we lead job creation when, ahem, we don't.

By David Schreck, 12 Sep 2012


Did Gordon Campbell's Chief of Staff Just Endorse Adrian Dix?

Martyn Brown's book seems to support how the NDP leader practices politics.

By David Schreck, 28 Aug 2012


The Real Deal on Extra-Billing by Private Clinics

Time to cut through fog produced by Brian Day and other foes of Medicare Protection Act.

By David Schreck, 23 Jul 2012


A New Device to Correct Political Spin

Use Statscan's new free data source to nail facts. Like this truth about jobs in BC.

By David Schreck, 2 Apr 2012


Lib Budget Unlikely to Restore Cred Campbell Lost

More surprises this time, and Falcon's forecasts won't be tested until after next election.

By David Schreck, 22 Feb 2012


Five False Claims in Libs' Attack Ad on Dix

Negative ad fiddles stats to misrepresent job growth, migration, taxes and NDP promises.

By David Schreck, 4 Jan 2012


BC Libs' Public Trust Deficit Just Grew

As bad numbers roll in, explanations for budget shortfall ring hollow.

By David Schreck, 29 Nov 2011


Why Christy Clark's Election Decision Is So Tough

She promised an early vote, but the risk is high.

By David Schreck, 17 Aug 2011


Ditching HST Balances Budget Two Years Earlier

BC's government won't tell you, but a return to PST/GST improves its bottom line.

By David Schreck, 16 Jun 2011


Clark's HST Plan Could Crumple Her Credibility

Her tax 'fix' would eliminate damage to average family by 2022, three elections from now.

By David Schreck, 26 May 2011


Problems with BC Business Council's Pro-HST Study

How can conclusions be true when based on data with such serious shortcomings?

By David Schreck, 25 May 2011


Did Christy Clark Just Break an HST Promise?

Premier has stacked the deck in ways giving unfair advantage to pro-HST advocates.

By David Schreck, 15 Apr 2011


What's 'Ridiculous' about NDP's Gender Balance Policy?

Consider what other parties around the world are doing to tackle similar inequalities in their ranks.

By David Schreck, 5 Jan 2011


Starting at Even, a Basis for NDP Optimism

The party's hopes may not be dashed after all. But will that translate to financial support?

By David Schreck, 15 Dec 2010


The Anarchists Won

Jenny Kwan and fellow dissidents may celebrate, but history will show the harm they've done to BC.

By David Schreck, 7 Dec 2010


NDP, Stop Your Destructive Bickering

Having voted down a 2011 leadership race, the party needs to unite behind Carole James.

By David Schreck, 22 Nov 2010


James Has Taken NDP to Record Highs

So why would Simpson and other New Dems help Libs by whacking their own leader?

By David Schreck, 13 Oct 2010


James vs. Simpson

The NDP's rebel MLA got the media moment he wanted. But is his case sound?

By David Schreck, 7 Oct 2010


Three Questions About the HST Referendum

How will it work? Will debate be fairly funded? What will happen if the tax is voted down?

By David Schreck, 15 Sep 2010


Elections BC's Bizarre Decision on HST

Holding petition from Leg until court decides sure to motivate recall campaigns.

By David Schreck, 12 Aug 2010


What Voters Weren't Told about Clean Energy Act

Better to call it the 'Flood Valleys for Power for Export Act'. Transform BC Hydro so Californians can blast air conditioners.

By David Schreck, 29 Apr 2010


Campbell's HST Illusion

The U of Calgary paper supposed to support the tax is full of holes and wishful thinking.

By David Schreck, 10 Mar 2010


Campbell's Golden Decade So Far

How well is BC meeting the premier's 'five great goals?'

By David Schreck, 4 Jan 2010


Weird and Wacky HST Debate in BC's Legislature

Trying to make sense of the Liberals' defence is no easy task.

By David Schreck, 27 Nov 2009


How to Detect Budget Bamboozling

When BC's Finance Minister rolls out his numbers and claims Tuesday, keep these facts in mind.

By David Schreck, 31 Aug 2009


Biggest Tax Shift in BC History: Why Did Campbell Do It?

On the basis of a single flawed study, apparently.

By David Schreck, 17 Aug 2009


A Tyee Series

STV Debate, Final Round

Both camps sum up their best arguments for and against STV.

By Shoni Field and David Schreck, 12 May 2009


A Tyee Series

To STV or Not STV? Round Four

Will it create instability? Will it elect more women and minorities?

By Shoni Field and David Schreck, 7 May 2009


A Tyee Series

Debating STV, Round Three

Does our system now give parties too much power? Are STV ridings unfair?

By Shoni Field and David Schreck, 5 May 2009


A Tyee Series

Change the Way We Elect? Round Two of the Debate

Which is better, First Past Post or Single Transferable Vote?

By Shoni Field and David Schreck, 30 Apr 2009


A Tyee Series

Should BC Change the Way We Elect? Hear from Both Sides

On May 12 you'll be asked to choose First Past the Post or STV. Today begins an in-depth debate to help you decide.

By Shoni Field and David Schreck, 28 Apr 2009


$800,000 per Lucky MLA

BC Libs' pension grab offered a fat target. The NDP whiffed.

By David Schreck, 18 May 2007


Afraid to Raise Minimum Wage?

We shouldn't be. Research proves it.

By David Schreck, 18 Apr 2007


Gordon Campbell's Year: An Unauthorized Annual Report

Some facts behind the bragging.

By David Schreck, 3 Jan 2007


How BC's Government Failed the Working Poor

Tax changes left behind the 721,000 paid less than $16 an hour.

By David Schreck, 24 Jul 2006


Corporations First, Kids Second

Why new budget can't buy BC Libs cred on children.

By David Schreck, 22 Feb 2006


Emerson's Jump: 'Immoral' and 'Cynical'

Even old political hands Mair and Schreck are queasy.

By Rafe Mair and David Schreck, 7 Feb 2006


The Mirage that Is 'Gateway'

Huge holes still in $3 billion, 15-year-old 'plan.'

By David Schreck, 1 Feb 2006


Bye, Bye Bill 17

Libs aren't sorry and Mayencourt begs for more.

By David Schreck, 22 Nov 2005


Oink, Oink…Uh, Oh!

James's backtrack on the pay raise pig-out.

By David Schreck, 21 Nov 2005


The Wright Way to Deal with Teachers' Anger

Premier ignored insightful report assigned by his own labour minister.

By David Schreck, 20 Oct 2005


Why The 'No Strike Pay' Ruling May Boomerang

By infuriating teachers, yesterday's judgment may prolong their walkout.

By David Schreck, 14 Oct 2005


Is Jinny Sims Going to Jail?

What the courts have said about leaders of 'illegal strikes.'

By David Schreck, 7 Oct 2005


'Achieve BC' Ads Don’t Add Up

The B.C. government’s TV ad blitz twists figures on job growth.

By David Schreck, 7 Oct 2004


Another Special Prosecutor, More Questions for Campbell

Liberal appointee Doug Walls has quit his powerful post, his past business dealings under investigation by a special prosecutor. He leaves a ministry facing big cuts, bigger questions.

By David Schreck, 18 Jan 2004


Rough Year for the Premier

The 2003 journey for Gordon Campbell that began with a drunken drive ended with stalled ferries and sliding poll numbers.

By David Schreck, 19 Dec 2003