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Dee Hon

Dee Hon is on staff at The Tyee.

Stories by Dee Hon

A Tyee Ethical Gift Guide

Holidays without the mall days.

By Dee Hon, 15 Dec 2005


The Zen of Boxing

One man’s search for peace through pummeling.

By Dee Hon, 24 May 2005


The Orphaning of STV

A tale of two referendums promised by the BC Liberals.

By Dee Hon, 18 May 2005


Elections BC Too Poor to Review Donations

Its budget cut by a third, agency relies on parties to comply with law.

By Dee Hon, 3 May 2005


Liberal Official Quits Over Dollars for Access

'An innocent mistake' says Campbell aide, but James presses for investigation.

By Dee Hon, 27 Apr 2005


Town Was Duped into Donating to BC Liberals, Says Official

Kitimat wasn’t told of party fundraiser. Other towns have bought access knowingly.

By Dee Hon, 25 Apr 2005


My ADD: Curse or Gift?

SECOND OF TWO PARTS: Scientists now think ADD helped propel human culture. But that was before desks, schedules, and Ritalin.

By Dee Hon, 14 Dec 2004


Attention Deficit Disorder: A Personal Investigation

Only now as an adult am I seeking treatment - and answers. How old is the ADD gene? Why do so many have it? Could it be a gift to the human race?

By Dee Hon, 13 Dec 2004


Tasers: What Police and Media Aren't Saying

A month after The Tyee was first to report a Taser-related death in custody, VPD Chief Graham and media offered a late, garbled look at the issues. The new provincial inquiry needs to look hard at 'excited delirium.'

By Dee Hon, 6 Aug 2004

Leaky Heaven's Summer Fling

A meld of circus joy and Greek tragedy, Ziggurat! pulls at-risk kids under its big tent. Photographs by Christopher Grabowski

By Dee Hon, 2 Jul 2004


Dead in Custody

TYEE SPECIAL REPORT Did Vancouver police fail to save Roman Andreichikov's life? Or did they have a hand in killing him? The mystery may centre on a factor called 'excited delirium'.

By Dee Hon, 21 Jun 2004