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Dermod Travis

Stories by Dermod Travis


Following the Money in BC’s Most Expensive Election

Political parties spent more than $20 million in what could be the province’s last big money campaign.

By Dermod Travis, 25 Aug 2017


Goldilocks Voters Decided Clark Not To Their Taste

Lessons for all three parties from election results.

By Dermod Travis, 19 May 2017


Can Christy Clark Dance Away From Donation Scandal?

RCMP investigation brings damage control, but no real change.

By Dermod Travis, 17 Mar 2017


It’s Official: Clark’s LNG ‘Plan’ Was a Fantasy

Latest developments in Hawaii should put end to faith in job, prosperity promises.

By Dermod Travis, 22 Jul 2016


'I Go to Bed in Tears': Lower Mainland Renter Rage

Website commenters share tales of woes over lack of affordable digs.

By Dermod Travis, 17 Jun 2016


Air Christy: How Do Other Fliers Compare?

Premier says spending's in line with that of previous BC leaders. But there are different yardsticks.

By Dermod Travis, 7 Mar 2016


PR Advice to BC's Lobbying Industry: Clean up Your Act

Now that influencers outnumber MLAs 30-to-one, start with these reforms.

By Dermod Travis, 5 Feb 2016


Shred-It, Facebook, and More Highlights from BC Gov't Credit Card Bills

In case you're wondering, the Justice Ministry eats at Earl's.

By Dermod Travis, 28 Jul 2015


The Forgotten Key to Home 'Affordability'

Vancouver and BC's dirty secret: Our long, deep income slide versus other Canadians.

By Dermod Travis, 24 Jun 2015


With Budget, BC Keeps Nickel-and-Diming Less Wealthy Residents

Whether it's Hydro rates or MSP fees, gov't dares not shift the unfair tax burden.

By Dermod Travis, 18 Feb 2015


VIEW: What BC wants for Christmas: A Plan B

By Dermod Travis, 8 Dec 2014


On Local Election Spending, Montreal Kicks Vancouver's Derrière

A comparison highlights the obscenity of BC's current model, and what needs to change.

By Dermod Travis, 2 Dec 2014


VIEW: Time to appoint a special prosecutor on healthcare firings

By Dermod Travis, 27 Oct 2014


VIEW: What's behind BC's local election malaise?

By Dermod Travis, 2 Sep 2014


Crony Capitalism Appears Alive and Well at Mount Polley

When Imperial Metals called on BC officials to speed up enviro assessments, it received.

By Dermod Travis, 12 Aug 2014


VIEW: 'Troubling' isn't the word for it, Mr. de Jong

By Dermod Travis, 15 Jul 2014


VIEW: BC city halls brace for financial reporting season

By Dermod Travis, 10 Jun 2014


VIEW: Kootenay land commission stats cast doubt on Bennett's claims

By Dermod Travis, 28 Apr 2014


VIEW: Choice of BC budget's example families is, well, a little rich

By Dermod Travis, 26 Feb 2014


VIEW: Expect more obscene campaign spending in BC's 2014 local elections

By Dermod Travis, 9 Sep 2013


Mortgaging BC, One Deal at a Time

Sweetheart pacts, deferred expenses, and little time to debate the budget? The taxpayer deserves more.

By Dermod Travis, 25 Jan 2013


How BC's Hidden Taxes Pick Your Pocket

Gov't brags about low income tax rates while mum on many more fees you pay.

By Dermod Travis, 18 Jan 2013


Trying to Make Sense of BC's Debt Threat

Let's knock off six zeros and imagine the province as a family home.

By Dermod Travis, 11 Jan 2013


How Powerful Are BC's Municipal 'Super PACs'?

Well, 98.3 per cent of campaign donations to Port Coquitlam council came from unions and corporations. You do the math.

By Dermod Travis, 14 Nov 2012


BC Cities Pay Top Officials More than White House Does

Why be Obama's chief of staff when you can make far more managing White Rock?

By Dermod Travis, 13 Jul 2012


The Crazy Cost of Municipal Electioneering

In Vancouver top parties paid over $15 for each vote they got. Where's BC's promised reform?

By Dermod Travis, 28 Mar 2012


HST Referendum No Excuse to Change Initiative Act

This isn't the US. And don't let losers tell you BC has too much democracy.

By Dermod Travis, 31 Aug 2011


Liberal Tactics: Bamboozle and Bore HST Voters

Three sneaky ways they are trying to lower the number of votes cast in the referendum.

By Dermod Travis, 9 Jun 2011