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Kaitlyn Braybrooke

Kaitlyn (Kat) Braybrooke is a Tyee copy editor whose work is based in online community-building and social media engagement. She is the online community facilitator and editor for Canada's World, a project that promotes citizen-based dialogue about Canadian foreign policy, and is also a co-founder of the Fresh Media project. You can reach Kat here.

Stories by Kaitlyn Braybrooke


One Sure Olympics Winner: New Media

W2's Media House is base camp for pumped new players. Social media bulked up 82 per cent this year.

By Steve Anderson, Kaitlyn Braybrooke, Vivian Xudan Pan and Jacqueline Cusack McDonald, 10 Feb 2010


Your Province Through Your Lens

The winners of our photo-pool challenge, and some thoughts on democratic media.

By Kaitlyn Braybrooke, 29 Jan 2010


Win Tickets to Hear Michael Ableman Speak

Get inspired with an event showcasing sustainable food consumption ideas for urbanites.

By Kaitlyn Braybrooke, 21 Sep 2009


Post-It Opinions Call for More Cake

Round Two of The Tyee's Experiment in Public Discussion. Topic: culture in the city.

By Kaitlyn Braybrooke, 23 Jul 2009


Car Free? You Stuck to the Idea!

Welcome to our Tyee experiment in post-it-note public discussion.

By Kaitlyn Braybrooke, 16 Jun 2009


Ahhh, Tweet Success

Notes on our election night Twitter experiment. What's next?

By Kaitlyn Braybrooke, 20 May 2009