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Marvin Shaffer

Stories by Marvin Shaffer


What Happened to the BC Liberals’ ‘Clean Energy Plan’?

It was one boondoggle that most irked Rafe Mair. He’d want us to keep an eye on it and expose the next one.

By Marvin Shaffer, 7 Nov 2017


Why Should British Columbians Pay Power Bills for LNG Industry?

New ‘eDrive’ policy means BC Hydro customers could pay billions to subsidize plants.

By Marvin Shaffer, 16 Nov 2016


Site C Would Produce Good Power, but the Timing's Wrong

Dam won't offer the 'peak generating' kind that BC Hydro needs now. So why rush?

By Marvin Shaffer, 14 Jan 2015


The Hidden, Huge Costs of 'P3' Projects

Private financing adds hundreds of millions to taxpayers' bill.

By Marvin Shaffer, 26 Oct 2005