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Vanessa Richmond

Tyee contributing editor Vanessa Richmond writes the Schlock and Awe column about popular culture and the media. She is also the former managing editor of The Tyee.

Stories by Vanessa Richmond


What Is Wrong with the Men In This Town?

Too shy? Too nice? Blame the suburbs and our collective good nature. Now get me a cat.

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 May 2011


Why I Had to Watch The Royal Wedding

And why you did, too. We're grasping at fantasies as fairy tale traditional marriages fade away.

By Vanessa Richmond, 28 Apr 2011


Christy Clark and the Woman Politician Thing

Does her Liberal leadership bid symbolize a new kind of female candidate?

By Vanessa Richmond, 9 Dec 2010


America's Dirty Little Fame Secret

It explains why nine-year-old Willow Smith is the next pop 'queen' while other fame-seeking children are 'whores.'

By Vanessa Richmond, 21 Oct 2010


'Teenage Paparazzo'

You may not like celebrity gossip, but you can't look away. This doc explains why.

By Vanessa Richmond, 24 Sep 2010


Eat, Pray, Botox

Is standing up for a woman's right to freeze parts of her face really part of the work of contemporary feminism?

By Vanessa Richmond, 13 Aug 2010


Apple Says No to Nipples on Your iPhone

The supposedly anti-big-brother company censors risqué apps. But who decides what's iPorn?

By Vanessa Richmond, 24 Jun 2010


Happy or Perfect: Choose One

Self-help books like the Mars and Venus series want to help us create perfect emotions. Sorry, I don't live in that universe.

By Vanessa Richmond, 20 May 2010


Sex with Craig's Big List

Thrill seekers using free online classifieds may get just what they pay for.

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Apr 2010


Girls Gone Mild?

Some pro-sex feminists are noticing a trend against the casual hook-up as a means to equality.

By Vanessa Richmond, 10 Mar 2010


No Glove, No Olympic Love

Are athletes doing it enough to justify 100,000 condoms? Why do we even care?

By Vanessa Richmond, 23 Feb 2010


The Gayest Olympics Ever

With two Pride Houses and refugee counselling for gay athletes, Vancouver may be starting a new Games tradition.

By Vanessa Richmond, 9 Feb 2010


Not Your Parents' 'Reefer Madness'

'The Downside of High' calmly, rationally cautions young teens about today's potent pot.

By Vanessa Richmond, 28 Jan 2010


Make Love Not Porn!

Porn may not be a "neurotoxin" but it's time to talk about how it's changing our sexual lives.

By Vanessa Richmond, 16 Dec 2009


Catching a Tiger by His Hypocritical Tale

Don't think this scandal is about infidelity. It's about a public brand that may be built on lies.

By Vanessa Richmond, 4 Dec 2009


Buy! Sell! Hold! Huh!?

Don't be so smug, real estate winners. Your success is based on luck more than skill.

By Vanessa Richmond, 2 Dec 2009


Dating in the Digital Age

Want sex? You got it. Want love? Well, that's a little trickier.

By Vanessa Richmond, 11 Nov 2009


Mat Leave for the Self-Employed

Without it, there's no level breeding field.

By Vanessa Richmond, 28 Oct 2009


Another (Yawn) Sexy Nurse. Kill Me.

Hallow'green is freakier than scarily packaged costumes.

By Vanessa Richmond, 14 Oct 2009


'Wired for Sex, Lies, and Power Trips'

New doc linking teen sexual harassment to new media gets it mostly right.

By Vanessa Richmond, 1 Oct 2009


Bare Naked Ladies!

When older celebrity women take it off, do we really shed worn out norms?

By Vanessa Richmond, 16 Sep 2009


Do You Use the C Word?

'The most taboo term in the English language'. What's its power?

By Vanessa Richmond, 2 Sep 2009


Breasts Shrink with Economy

A lot of women who invested in big busts are in deflationary mode.

By Vanessa Richmond, 19 Aug 2009


Celebrate the Childfree Choice

There are more than 40 reasons to do so, including more sex.

By Vanessa Richmond, 5 Aug 2009


Lady Mags Hit Hard Times

Blame their prettier-than-thou bullying and rise of the fashion blog, not the recession.

By Vanessa Richmond, 23 Jul 2009


A Modest Proposal: Labels on Celebrities

Let's stamp the stars with their giant eco-footprints for all to see!

By Vanessa Richmond, 15 Jul 2009


Digital Tears for Jacko

Famous in analog. Mourned in digital. In death he perfected 'obitutainment.'

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Jul 2009


Love, Tamed and Caged

If your marriage is boring, maybe you think too much.

By Vanessa Richmond, 1 Jul 2009


The Parenting Obsession

It's a constructed reality and a mixed blessing for our kids and our sanity.

By Vanessa Richmond, 24 Jun 2009


David Letterman's Stupid Joke Trick

Why Sarah Palin's brand of bitching is great for his ratings.

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Jun 2009


Is Jolie the Next Feminist Icon?

Naomi Wolf thinks so. But what would she be without the boobs and lips?

By Vanessa Richmond, 10 Jun 2009


Adults Cause Teen Sex Problems

A new report shows how we're failing sex ed and putting kids at risk.

By Vanessa Richmond, 4 Jun 2009


Jamie Oliver, Sweet and Sour

Brit TV chef saves working class moms from fast food! Why the bad taste in my mouth?

By Vanessa Richmond, 27 May 2009


And the Other Winner Is...

Miss California! And silicone implants and 'opposite marriage.'

By Vanessa Richmond, 13 May 2009


Educating Gordon

Why a pat on the head can be worse than a pat on the bum.

By Vanessa Richmond, 6 May 2009


Return of the Scary Teen Blowjob

'Oral Sex Is the Goodnight Kiss' presses the panic button, wildly, again.

By Vanessa Richmond, 29 Apr 2009


'Having Kids Is So Gay'

Or are childless men caught in a homosocial comfort zone?

By Vanessa Richmond, 23 Apr 2009


No Baby For Old Men?

If men's biological clocks tick just as loudly, does it mean we're closer to equality?

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Apr 2009


Vancouver Now Fun, For Some

A-listers get open doors. The rest get chain-link 'fun jails.'

By Vanessa Richmond, 1 Apr 2009


Canada on Top in Sex Ed

Rise in US teen pregnancies proves information beats abstinence.

By Vanessa Richmond, 25 Mar 2009


Kiss Her Fat Ass?

No, thanks. I'd rather talk about Meghan McCain's inarticulate and boring writing.

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 Mar 2009


The Right to Bare Arms

Why is Washington debating Michelle Obama's buff biceps?

By Vanessa Richmond, 11 Mar 2009


Is the Future of Journalism Goop?

Gwyneth Paltrow's popular e-newsletter seems to be working. Why the backlash?

By Vanessa Richmond, 4 Mar 2009


Fear and Murder in Vancouver

Why do some people freak out, and others treat crime like a TV show?

By Vanessa Richmond, 25 Feb 2009


Down with Reality! Up with the Love Drug!

In these tough times, people are choosing fantasy, love and sex over reality.

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 Feb 2009


Is Breeding a Sin?

Only if you have a litter, and happen to be poor.

By Vanessa Richmond, 11 Feb 2009


Disgorge the Bastards!

Getting mad as hell at tycoon villains is the new buzz.

By Vanessa Richmond, 4 Feb 2009


Wrestling with the Ladyboner

Recent research still considers women's arousal a problem to be solved.

By Vanessa Richmond, 29 Jan 2009


Why I Have to Watch

Even Canadians are caught up in Obama inauguration hype, sort of.

By Vanessa Richmond, 20 Jan 2009


Eating the Rich, Tasty!

Welcome to the golden age of schadenfreude.

By Vanessa Richmond, 14 Jan 2009


A Complicated Fatness

As resolutions un-resolve all around us, a closer look at one of the biggest.

By Vanessa Richmond, 7 Jan 2009


Seven Things I Learned from Pop Culture in 2008

Politics is hotter than porn, pretending to be dead is a good career move, and more.

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Dec 2008


Turning Social Anxiety into Clicks

'Jizz in My Pants' takes 'Dick in a Box' genre to absurd climax.

By Vanessa Richmond, 16 Dec 2008


The Air Goes out of Big Fat Weddings

Eloping (like some good dates) is cheap and hot right now. But not so easy in BC.

By Vanessa Richmond, 10 Dec 2008


Puritans and Fangbangers

Why the public imagination feeds so hungrily on vampires.

By Vanessa Richmond, 26 Nov 2008


Bring on the Real Estate Crash

My generation has been shut out of the housing market for years. Something's gotta give.

By Vanessa Richmond, 20 Nov 2008


Are Viral Ads Helping to Kill Newsrooms?

VIDEO: When advertising like Toshiba's timesculpture ad are distributed via e-mail, what happens to news revenues?

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 Nov 2008


A Canadian-Style Apology to America

Sorry I sold you short. Obama has changed my views... a bit.

By Vanessa Richmond, 12 Nov 2008


Shock at 'God Hates Fags'

VIDEO: US Westboro Church's gay bashing plans in Vancouver.

By Vanessa Richmond and Elaine Corden, 11 Nov 2008


Paris Hilton's Exodus an Omen for Obama's Win?

How Paris Hilton and George W. Bush's inherited, unmerited privilege is being brushed aside.

By Vanessa Richmond, 5 Nov 2008


Obama's era: In East Van, a home full of hollering, happy friends

By Vanessa Richmond, 5 Nov 2008


How the Economy Is Affecting Your Pants

Relationship sex is down, cheating is up.

By Vanessa Richmond, 29 Oct 2008


For Love or Money?

Given a devil's choice about your child's happiness, what would you choose?

By Vanessa Richmond, 22 Oct 2008


Spears as Whore, Jolie as Saint

Why teen mothers keep getting shocked up by the media.

By Vanessa Richmond, 15 Oct 2008


The New, Improved Cougar

But are current hots for 'older' women just skin deep?

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Oct 2008


Trust Me, I'm Famous

In the topsy-turvy world of US politics, the paid-to-lie class is the most influential.

By Vanessa Richmond, 1 Oct 2008


Tina Fey for Vice President

If the election is a made-for-TV event, why not get a pro?

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Sep 2008


Style, Well Worn

Why isn't the crime of disposable fashion on the enviro radar?

By Vanessa Richmond, 10 Sep 2008


Breeding Envy

The new kid and parent ideals in Gossip Girl.

By Vanessa Richmond, 3 Sep 2008


Is Anybody Watching?

The Olympics seem to have lost the race... to reality TV.

By Vanessa Richmond, 13 Aug 2008


Bitches Are Back

But is cruelty mandatory for feminism to prevail?

By Vanessa Richmond, 7 Aug 2008


Plastic Surgery Police

Media's obsession with who risks the knife for beauty.

By Vanessa Richmond, 31 Jul 2008


Rush of Homes on Vancouver Market: Prices to Slide?

Milestone of 20,000 homes for sale has realty blogs abuzz.

By Vanessa Richmond, 29 Jul 2008


$11 Million Twins

Brangelina is in the business of making us look. Does evolutionary psychology explain why it's impossible to look away?

By Vanessa Richmond, 16 Jul 2008


Madonna and the Power Marriage

If a wife has more oomph than her husband, can it last?

By Vanessa Richmond, 9 Jul 2008


Girls Hating Girls

Why we don't cut Britney or Amy any slack.

By Vanessa Richmond, 3 Jul 2008


Super, Horrific BC

Death by Taser, Pickton's evil and severed feet. That's our brand now.

By Vanessa Richmond, 26 Jun 2008


Nerd Girls Are Sexy Now

That's the new media mantra. But what does it mean?

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 Jun 2008


Rise of the Aristo-Brats

Fame and fortune flows to kids of the famous fortunate.

By Vanessa Richmond, 12 Jun 2008


Tyra's Tyranny of Beauty

Nothing pure about the TV diva's 'self-esteem' preaching.

By Vanessa Richmond, 4 Jun 2008


The 100 Celebrity Diet

One part news, three parts trash. I find it quite healthy.

By Vanessa Richmond, 28 May 2008


Pets Hog YouTube!

Stop me before I watch again.

By Vanessa Richmond, 27 May 2008


Eek! Nipples!

A few thoughts on Lindsay Lohan's 'threat' to moral decency.

By Vanessa Richmond, 26 Feb 2008


Can Women Still Cook?

We're told now that liberated females don't inhabit kitchens.

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Feb 2008


China's Sexual Revolution

A nation's sleeping libido awakens.

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Nov 2007


From Smut to Adult Diapers

The only occasionally glamorous life of the young novelist.

By Vanessa Richmond, 13 Jul 2007


Vancouver Housing Bubble to Pop?

Interest rates could change tomorrow. Then what?

By Vanessa Richmond, 9 Jul 2007


The Dirtiest Sport in the World

Can F1 clean up its act?

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Jun 2007


So You Want Me to Breed?

Fertility crisis fretting misses how lots of women really think.

By Vanessa Richmond, 29 May 2007


A Tyee Series

The 'Opinionator'

Heather Mallick on the war on women, laughter and the Internet

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 May 2007


BC's Busy Book Season

Fests and sales are hot, but BC content is not.

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Apr 2007


Finding, Feasting and Cheating

100-Mile Diet authors on feeding a movement, and writing the book.

By Vanessa Richmond, 3 Apr 2007

100-Mile Diet Goes Big

The revolution that sparked a big spring book.

By Vanessa Richmond, 27 Mar 2007


Pop Goes Real Estate Bubble Blogger

'Don't go!' say fans of Vancouver Housing Blog.

By Vanessa Richmond, 20 Feb 2007


Tyee Upgrades Comment System

Here are answers to some questions you may have.

By Dawn Buie and Vanessa Richmond, 11 Jan 2007

Do The Local Notion

Localness is the #1 story of 2006.

By Vanessa Richmond, 28 Dec 2006


The Bubble Wars

As nerves fray over home prices, a blogging doomsayer gains followers.

By Vanessa Richmond, 10 Nov 2006

'Thin' Looking

A photojournalist's close-up of women who starve themselves.

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Nov 2006


George's Next Act

Stroumboulopoulos on learning from 'The One,' relaunching 'The Hour,' and refocusing the CBC.

By Vanessa Richmond and Elaine Corden, 10 Oct 2006


Why Smart People Love 'Battlestar Galactica'

TV's hottest unreality show is the real thing.

By Vanessa Richmond, 5 Oct 2006


A Tyee Series

Green Jeans

Organic denim zips into a new market niche.

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 Sep 2006


My Celebrity Grad Space .com

Prom is back, with a vengeance.

By Vanessa Richmond, 30 Jun 2006


Bourdain Lifts His Lid

The celebrated chef's uncensored views on un-American virtues, nurses' shoes and eating well.

By Vanessa Richmond, 13 Jun 2006


A Tyee Series

'The Soul of Cloth'

Bamboo fabric and other alternatives to toxic fashion.

By Vanessa Richmond, 26 Apr 2006


A Tyee Series

In Search of Ethical Gladrags

Is a locally manufactured wardrobe possible?

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Mar 2006


A Tyee Series

Breast Wishes

Who really yearns for 'enhanced' boobs?

By Vanessa Richmond, 13 Feb 2006


Meet Thom Wong, The Tyee's Net Hunter

Our new web sleuth likes to go out on a link.

By Vanessa Richmond, 24 Nov 2005


Today's 'Cheer Athletes'

What does mixing gymnastic discipline with sex appeal teach teen girls?

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Nov 2005


What? Every Candidate Agrees?

In Vancouver almost all say it's time to fix the way we finance and elect candidates.

By Vanessa Richmond, 17 Nov 2005


Longboarding Hockey, Made in Vancouver

It's fast, furious and secretly practiced by its inventors.

By Jhenifer Pabillano and Vanessa Richmond, 2 Nov 2005

Images From the 'Day of Action'

15,000 teachers and their supporters rally in front of the legislature.

By Vanessa Richmond, 18 Oct 2005


Shopping for Fame and Fortune

What does it mean that so many girls want careers as celebrity stylists?

By Vanessa Richmond, 4 Oct 2005


Slammin' Poetry: Hear it Here

Audio highlights of Sunday's Word on the Street poetry slam.

By Vanessa Richmond, 27 Sep 2005


Tyee Takes the Stage at Word on the Street

With wrestlers, writers, and poets.

By Vanessa Richmond, 22 Sep 2005

'Take Back the Night' Takes Back the Park

This time, fighting for women's safety includes yoga, stargazing and hip hop.

By Vanessa Richmond and Nick Westover, 19 Sep 2005


My Name is Vanessa and I'm a 'Tabber'

The problem is, I don’t want help.

By Vanessa Richmond, 6 Sep 2005


The Skinny on 'Pinners'

Today's women who aim for thin, just this side of anorexia.

By Vanessa Richmond, 10 Aug 2005


Placing Sarah Harmer

For her, music is about home, the outdoors and 'little moments.'

By Vanessa Richmond, 8 Jul 2005


The New 'Sofcho' Man

What’s that mean? Hint: think way past 'metro.' With photo essay by Maria Coletsis.

By Vanessa Richmond, 23 Jun 2005


‘School Inc.’ Seeks Drama where School Kids Meet Big Biz

Playwright Sean Cook stirs up critical thinking in the classroom, and now on stage.

By Vanessa Richmond, 26 Apr 2005


Politicians as Visual Brands

How Campbell, James and Carr look to our panel of branding experts.

By Vanessa Richmond, 20 Apr 2005


Getting the Youth Vote

Want young people to vote? Try a fresh appeal, hot issues, and schooling that takes kids' decisions seriously.

By Vanessa Richmond, 26 May 2004


Knitting is Hot!

Stitch 'n' Bitch parties weave knitting, gossip, and a new take on feminism.

By Vanessa Richmond, 24 May 2004


Bare Naked Ladies!

When older celebrity women take it off, do we really shed worn out norms?

By Vanessa Richmond, 16 Sep 1999