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Joanne Will

Vancouver-based journalist Joanne Will co-writes the Eat Your History series with Jeff Nield. The series, guest edited by 100-Mile Diet co-creator James MacKinnon, runs twice a month in The Tyee with support from FarmFolk/CityFolk.

Stories by Joanne Will


Not Sweet: BC Hazelnut Growers Shoulder the Blight Fight

Help needed to save star of local spreads and ice creams from 'disaster.'

By Joanne Will, 25 May 2015


A Tyee Series

Lambs to Slaughter

Salt Spring Island lamb is legendary. And has never been more threatened.

By Joanne Will, 11 Mar 2010


A Tyee Series

Hunting the Elusive Wapato

Women are leading a revival of First Nations' staple foods. To get lucky, you have to get mucky.

By Joanne Will, 14 Jan 2010


A Tyee Series

The Potato Underground

How the 'outlaw' Cariboo spud, once blacklisted by agribiz advocates, was saved. Latest in our Eat Your History series.

By Joanne Will, 29 Oct 2009


A Tyee Series

'Eat Your History' Asks You to Join in!

Please be part of our project by nominating a food to research. You might win a prize.

By Jeff Nield and Joanne Will, 18 Sep 2009


A Tyee Series

A Healthy Handful of History

Salt Spring Islanders keep planting and baking BC's very own Ruckle bean.

By Joanne Will, 28 Aug 2009