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Sam Cooper

Stories by Sam Cooper


Dream Neighbourhood's Fragile Fate

Scaling back False Creek Utopia may open a legal can of worms.

By Sam Cooper, 18 Jan 2006


The Svend and Hedy Show

And a rookie Tory trying for prime time. Welcome to Vancouver Centre.

By Sam Cooper, 13 Jan 2006


Dosanjh's Biggest Donors Run Medical Firms

Vancouver MP raised bulk of his funds in Ontario in 2004.

By Will McMartin and Sam Cooper, 12 Jan 2006


Martin's 'Eco-Candidate' in BC

Former BC enviro minister Joyce Murray's disputed shade of green.

By Sam Cooper, 10 Jan 2006


Sam's First Slashes

Social housing, bridge bike lane axed by Vancouver council.

By Sam Cooper, 22 Dec 2005


Citizens' Revolt Wins at Vancouver City Hall

New mayor caused NPA 'crash', says Planning Commission chair.

By Sam Cooper, 16 Dec 2005


What's Next for Jim Green and Vancouver's Civic Left

Vision will go it alone, say key players.

By Sam Cooper, 5 Dec 2005


Compromise Deal over Labour's Role in NDP

Shift to one-member-one-vote, and union fees dropped.

By Sam Cooper, 25 Nov 2005


COPE's Lone Councillor Sheds No Tears for Green

Cadman says chance to reunite was nixed.

By Sam Cooper, 24 Nov 2005


The Crushing Equation Telus Workers Faced

Why the labour dispute ended this way, now.

By Sam Cooper, 21 Nov 2005


Was that Jim or James Green?

Confusion over names in focus groups has Vision worried.

By Sam Cooper, 15 Nov 2005


Vancouver Accused of Fudging Low-Income Housing Numbers

Vision's Jim Green acknowledges 'loopholes.'

By Sam Cooper, 10 Nov 2005


This Election, Crime Never Sleeps

In Vancouver, public safety is the big, blurry campaign issue.

By Sam Cooper, 8 Nov 2005


Feds Shy about Twinning Port Mann Bridge

'Gateway' dollars flow, but key MP dodges specifics.

By Sam Cooper, 1 Nov 2005


The NPA's Quirky Conservatives

Candidates explain their dirty joking, shopping injuries, and more.

By Sam Cooper, 28 Oct 2005


The Conversion of George Chow

Before joining Jim Green, he led Chinatown's attack on 'harm reduction'.

By Sam Cooper, 19 Oct 2005


Green, Sullivan Scrap Over Woodward's

Fate of the project at stake say Vancouver's mayoral candidates

By Sam Cooper, 12 Oct 2005